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Rebecca Schall, ‘a dynamo’, proclaims Robert Kelly, Artistic Director of the Candlelight Theater in Wilmington DE. 

With the innate abilities to naturally achieve a character's depth and soul with honesty and precision, Rebecca Schall holds the essence of every scene in her hand.

Her credits span universally through genres of film and television, molding to the serio comedic, farsic, period dramatic and beyond with preciseness only a person with natural talent and intense education in the craft can achieve.

Rebecca opens herself completely, with fragility, to vacuum in all the identities of each character portrayed. 

Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater, her training went beyond acting. Vocal training and dance rounded this triple major. Rebecca’s elegant Soprano is both gentle and defined. You’ll also get a big surprise when she opens up to her favorite Country music stars with a full alto presence.


“Give me direction and I’ll consistently drive for perfection” - Rebecca Schall

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